Whether you're holding a house party, a corporate event or a wedding a magician can be a great addition to the day. As a member of the Magic Circle and A resident Magician at Houdini's Magic Bar in Canterbury, I have what it takes to entertain your guests. And my years of experience as a toastmaster mean I can help out with organisiation and compering.


Having a magician at your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests. Perhaps mingling during the drinks reception, or going table to table while food is being served, I can help give your wedding a wow factor. More details...

House Parties

Celebrating a special occasion? Or just having some friends round for the evening? If you're throwing a party, I can help make it go with a bang. Get people mixing, smiling and laughing from the moment they arrive.

Corporate & Product Launches

If you're out to impress existing or potential clients, I can help you keep your event flowing and your guests happy. Whether that's mix-and-mingle magic at a drinks reception or a stand-up magic show incorporating your products, I'll show your services in the best light.

Banquets, Balls and Fundraisers

When lots of diners sit down to eat at the same time, no matter how many waiting staff you have, the last tables in line will be getting their food some time after the first tables have been served. I can help entertain those people while they are waiting. Do you need someone to help with the organisation and flow of the event? My long experience as a toastmaster means I can be your MC for evening - taking care of fund-raising games, raffles and auctions as well as providing magical entertainment.


More and more restaurants are seeing the benefits of having high quality entertainment available to their diners during busy services.

If you're serving good quality, freshly prepared food there will inevitably be some waiting time. Why not let me entertain your diners? I'll keep your guests happy and let you and your staff concentrate on the food and drink

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