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The Magic Circle is probably the best known magical organisiation in the world. I can't remember the last time I performed where someone didn't ask me if I'm a member. I am massively proud to be able to say "Yes, I am".

But what does my membership of this organisation mean to you? It's an indication that I'm taken seriously as a magician by other magicians. You see, the way to get into The Magic Circle is by examination. A prospective member is interviewed by the membership secretary. They are then invited to be examined by a panel of magicians who assess whether they make the grade before recommending them (or not) to The Magic Circle Council for membership. It truly is an honour to be one of the roughly 1,500 members worldwide.

Equity is the UK trade union for creative practitioners. You might have heard of actors having an "Equity Card". I've got one, but what does that mean for you? My membership includes public liability up to £10million. I hope I never have to use my insurance but although my job is fun I do take it seriously. Please make sure all your suppliers are adequately insured.

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